World Of Vaping: How Popular is Vaping Today?

A decade ago, who would’ve known vaping to become as popular as it is now? Though vaping’s origins can be traced in the 1960s, it was the last five years that defined the industry. 

Smoking has been a consistent problem over the past decades. In the US, there were over 480,000 associated deaths to smoking. That translates to one in every five deaths.  

Things have changed today. In fact, vaporizers have been used in order for individuals to stay away from smoking. Vaporizer is the type of device that allows a smoker to still satisfy his oral fixation, minus the combustion. According to research, you get 4,000 chemicals and 43 carcinogens when smoking, it is a reasonable deal to stick with vaping. 

And since medical and recreational marijuana laws are being passed in different parts of the US and the world as well, we are seeing the rise of the vaping industry. And with the industry’s evolution comes the availability of different vaporizers. There are vaporizers that you can simply fit in your pocket, while there are those that you can only use plugged. 

Just how popular is vaping?

In the US, there are over 3500 stores selling vaporizers and other related products. It has currently contributed billions of dollars to the economy. Within the next decade from 2015 to 2025, experts speculate that it is a possibility that the vaporizer industry could blow up to a $50 billion industry

From 2012 to 2014 in the UK, the rise of e-cigarette users has been stunning. From 700,000 e-cigarette users, it has risen to 2.1 million. However, a lot of experts are wondering if it is a bad thing. Some critics of the vaping industry in the UK fear that vaping is introducing children to smoking. 

How could vaporizers introduce people to smoking? Given the presence of e-liquids that contain some form of nicotine, there’s a chance that people are simply looking for an alternative means of satisfying their nicotine dependence. Also, the hand to mouth habit of vaping could potentially reinforce smoking behavior. 

What makes the vaporizers popular? 

To understand the popularity of vaporizers, it is a good idea to have full understanding how this device works. What are the most common things that you can put on these devices? Also, it makes perfect sense to have a discussion regarding technologies implemented on different devices that made it so popular.  And lastly, what makes vaping an economic option? 

Classification of vaporizers

Currently, there are three broad classifications of vaporizers. Each type has its own pros and cons. In fact, there is no definite rule on which item you should be using. The popular classifications of vaporizers include desk vaporizers, portable vaporizers and the pen vaporizers. 

Desk vaporizers are bulky and could only be used at home. However, it is more than that. Because of the size of desk vaporizers, the designers have more freedom to develop the overall mechanics and operations of desk vaporizers. Most desk vaporizers are more accurate than the portable versions, allowing better tasting vapor in the process. 

In fact, desk vaporizers could either be a whip vaporizer or a balloon vaporizer. In some cases, there are designs that hold both functions. Balloon vaporizers are commonly used by those who plan on sharing their vaping sessions. Also, balloon vaporizers are perfect for those who don’t want their vapor to be warm. They could let the vapor cool down a bit, and start enjoying the vapor. Whips, on the other hand work the opposite as you get the vapor directly into your system.  

Portable vaporizers are originally meant for those individuals who prefer to vape outside of the comfort of their home. High end portable vaporizers are known for vapor quality that could also stand at par with some of the desk vaporizers in the market. However, they are better known for their discreetness. Available in different shapes that could be mistaken for a flask, a phone or anything else other than a vaporizer, people who wish to vape without catching unwanted attention have preferred this option. 

And lastly, you have the pen vaporizers. This version is designed similarly to a pen shaped e-cigarette, only that it can use e-liquids and herbs. 

E-liquids and herbs

There are two favorite things that people love to use on their vaporizers. It is either an e-liquid or herb. E-liquids contain nicotine which helps smokers reduce the pains of withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, cannabis has been used both for recreational and for medical use. 

For those who are using cannabis medically, vaping is an easy option considering the fact that it allows the extraction of terpenes and cannabinoids. One common problem that you’ll typically encounter on burning cannabis is the fact that you don’t control the temperatures. With the sophisticated designs of vaporizers, it is now possible to set the desired temperature to extract either the terpenes or the cannabinoids on specific strains. 

 E-liquids are now available in different concentrations of nicotine ranging from 6 milligrams to 16 milligrams of nicotine in some instances. With the right strategy, it is possible to slowly lessen the concentration of nicotine you take until you are ready to get rid of your smoking habit. 

Cost of vaping

The cost of smoking cigarettes can also be a factor as to why vaporizers are so popular. Annually, the average cost of someone smoking cigarette ranges around $2250. Given additional sin taxes and mandated laws that give cigarettes a costly price tag, a lot of smokers are now considering alternatives such as vaporizers. E-liquids could cost around $1,100 to $1,800 a year, a far cry from the cost of smoking cigarettes in most places. 


At this point, vaporizers seem like a new option especially for people trying to quit smoking, or those discovering the perks of new cannabis laws in different parts of the world. We can expect a continuous rise in its popularity because of these trends. 

With the necessary policies in place, experts believe that the vaporizer industry is expected to rise exponentially until 2017. Also, this will not just involve Europe and US. In the next years, we can also expect the vaporizer market to rise in parts of Asia as well, particularly China.