Success Story: How quitting smoking changed my life 

As you can tell from the title I take this topic quite seriously. When quitting any habit you're ultimately shifting major part of your life and changing your priorities from unhealthy dangerous activities to positive ones. I think when someone quits a bad habit immediately change their life from the simple fact that they're changing the way they think. Great psychologist once said that an order for a person to change you must challenge your thoughts about certain things as well as your belief systems and to question things that you want once loved to make sure they are in fact good for you. 

As we grow up we have different friends different places different circumstances that inspire certain ideas that lead to starting new hobbies and sometimes addictions. We can make friends that have strong influence on us and we can start to think like them and intern share the same values in life priorities. This is the first thing we must challenge our thoughts and our belief systems to make sure these are the values that we really do believe in. Now that we are adults it is time for us to find out who we really are and if we are leading our life according to our values or someone else's. 

The real change 

I don't think quitting smoking changed my life but rather changing my life lead to me being able to quit smoking. You must first be willing to except the word "change" and then your efforts will be fruitful. Smoking or any addiction for that matter is a very private and intimate thing in one's life often something we fall in love with. We must first understand that everyone has flaws and everyone makes mistakes in their life and that only makes us human. The mere fact that we are strong enough to even be reading this article to consider the idea that some things that we've been doing for so long are bad is the first sign to our strength and our survival to lead a great life. The ones who second-guess their future and their life are probably the ones to leave the greatest lives. We are taking inventory on our values our health and our goals. We are the ones that see our own shortcomings and where we need improvement. 

Closing thoughts:

Building up the strength to successfully quit smoking has led me to realize and inner strength that I always had but I only realized through my addiction and the ability to quit it. I can be happy about my years of smoking because in a sense they are part of my success and my now improved life. I walk around carrying that strength with me wherever I go knowing that I am a person that is in complete control of the things that I do and the values that I take on in life. I no longer am a person that does things because others do them or because I am inspired to do so from TV movies or society in general. I only do things that I choose to do that I believe are good for me and that fit with my values. 

So in summary I changed my life which helped me lead to quit smoking. In that way quitting smoking has changed my life!