Scholarship Submission Guidelines

Planning Your Essay

When creating your own title…

noun_11169 Perform research 

 Spend some time to identify a good topic for your essay. Consider the title as the most crucial component of your Essay. You can find a topic by using Google Trends, looking on Social Media, or using your own  creative process.

noun_192874 Be unique

Try to write something original. Even if you are covering a topic that has already been done, try to make it as unique as possible.


 Make it relevant

 Ensure your Essay will fit in well on and can be placed in one of   our categories. Essays will not be accepted that are too serious,  oppressive or too specific.


 Go for Impact

 The title is the most important part, make it as attractive as possible to entice potential readers.


 Select a topic that feels right to you & relevant to smoking-related problems

 Don’t select a topic you will struggle to write, only take titles you are comfortable in writing about. 



Essay Content

noun_211171 Focus on quality & depth

 Provide the reader with as much insight and depth to the topic you are writing about. Always ensure that your article delivers all important information and is as complete as possible.

noun_39890 Tone of writing

 All essays should be educational, helpful and written in a positive yet objective manner.  Try to get into your reader's mind when writing. 

 noun_539529Length matters

 Most of the best essays are between 750-1500 words (which is our minimum requirement), don’t be scared to write more!

noun_336274Keep it interesting

Don’t just repeat; ensure you are keeping the reader engaged throughout so they feel the need to share the essay or comment on it.

noun_601333Always structure

Plan how you intend to deliver your message in the article, and check which one of our templates suits best. Make sure to add subtitles and short paragraphs.