E-Cig Review: Provari 2.5 Starter Kit

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Provari 2.5 Starter Kit - $119.95


The good / The vaping community has long considered the Provari as the ultimate personal vaporizer device you can ever own. It sets the highest standard in build quality and is designed to last. It is very popular in the vaping community as the go to hardware if you are serious about vaping. The Provari will consistently deliver the set voltage output regardless of the battery charge. 

The bad / Initially, people were quite surprised about the steep price tag of about $200 for the unit when it was launched, but now it costs only $120 for the complete kit with 2 IMR 18350 batteries, tank atomizer and a charger. Today, price is not a con for the Provari and is a great time for new vapers to own one. 

The botoom line /  The best device that gets you to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes is the "best device" for you. To thousands of vapers, the Provari was the tool they used to kick the bad habit and become smoke free. With hundreds of personal vaporizer choices that are available today, nothing beats the reliability and voltage consistency of the Provari. The Provari has several versions available and is regularly updated by ProVape. 

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The Provari is a tube type device that can take different sized batteries through an extension tube that allows the user to fit battery sizes from 18350 to an 18650. It reads the atomizer resistance to an accuracy of 0.1 and has a voltage range of 2.0 to 6.0 that will fire all your existing atomizers and tanks. All functions can be adjusted through the single fire button through an intuitive menu. 

Design and performance

The weight of the device comes from the stainless steel body construction. It can definitely live through those accidental drops and still perform like it is brand new. The threaded connections on the 510 and battery cover are buttery smooth. This US made device has no rattles or squeaks as proof that it is well built. 

Vapor production and quality 

Having a consistent voltage will let you dial in your sweet spot where are able to experience the best taste and flavor out of your ejuice. Mechanical and other variable voltage devices works great with a freshly charged battery but the experience quickly goes down as your battery loses its power. 

With the Provari, the output will never change regardless of your battery charge. This means your atomizer and tank will also perform at its best in producing vapor. 

How to use the Provari 2.5 starter kit 

1. We recommend fully charging your battery before turning on the device. 

2. Fill and install your favorite atomizer through the 510 connection. 

3. Press the fire button 5 times to turn on the device. 

4. To access the menu to increase and decrease the voltage, check the battery level and atomizer resistance, simply click the power button 5 more times. 

5. Hold the power button when taking a draw. 

6. Enjoy It! 

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