Preparing for the journey: Things you need to do before you quit smoking 

A lot of people think quitting smoking isn't that hard. I think you just need to stop and more or less forget about it altogether but I disagree strongly. It is very hard and it takes a lot of willpower to be successful. You see, I tried to quit a number of times but for some reason I kept on going back. 

I've been trying to understand what it is that keeps on sending me back and I finally realized what it might be. That's why am writing this article. To help people learn from my mistakes and to understand what the underlying facts are and what needs to be done in order to quit long term. 

The pre Process

The most important thing for the entire quitting process is one word. The decision. Person's decision to quit must be firm and strong like a rock. You must be at a point where you're convinced that it must end. It can't just be something you want to try and see what it's like it must be something that you're ready to terminate forever. But this is not an easy decision to make. After all for so many years you've change your mind and your heart to love what you do. Therefore in order to come to this decision you must first fall out of love with your addiction and the very act in it of itself. Smoking must become something that you disrespect something that you no longer want to be a part of. You don't have to hate on yourself for all the years that you smoked you just have to come to realization that it is no longer for you and that you no longer need in your life in order to find happiness and peace. 

You must also come up with a realistic substitutions to use in its place. Obviously you do not want to become addicted to alcohol or things that are even more dangerous but rather you want to have activities that you can use in place of that occasional cigarette. 

Making the decision

It's a big day. It's a day when you are transitioning from one world to another, a better world. Should spend weeks perhaps months researching and reading all of the dangers from smoking. Read articles and reviews from people that have gone through the process and to hear other people stories about their journey. Start to believe that that can be you. Everybody's quitting journey is different and therefore it is easy to learn advice and ideas from everyone that might help you with achieving your goal. 

Envision yourself addicted at a very old age and ask yourself if you like what you see. Do your children and grandchildren respect you the same way they would if you would lead a healthier lifestyle. But most importantly make this decision for yourself. Believe in all the research and medical studies that have been done over the past multiple decades and admit that being a non-smoker is much healthier than being a smoker. 

Preparing in other ways

There are some other apartment ways to prepare and ready yourself for this new phase in life. It's extremely important to remove and get rid of every ounce of smoking devices cigarettes lighters matches anything that you've used in the past to feed your habit. Throw out all of your clothes that wreak like cigarette smoke since they will just remind you of the smell and lead you to relapse. If you have friends that are heavy smokers and you feel would be a bad influence you must distance yourself from them in order to achieve your goal at least in the beginning while you're building up strength. You must try to stay away from places that you would smoke in and find new places to go instead. 

Some people find that smoking e-cigarette's help in the transition others find that quitting cold turkey is best. It really does depend on the person and how quickly you want to get over this hump. Another very important thing to successfully quitting is being prepared mentally for the difficulty and the emotional feelings while your brain chemistry is changing. Obviously the nicotine in the mere act of smoking has had a tremendous effect on your brain and your systems. It will take time to adjust and during this time you will go through emotional and physical withdrawals that are real. Read up on them and get familiar with them so you will know what you were going to experience so they don't come to you as a shock. This is another big reason for relapse as people feel like something is very wrong after quitting. When in fact what they're feeling is totally normal and sign that the brain is changing for the good. 

Remember friends, good things don't come easy and difficult things require good preparation. Prepare for your goals and be strong, you will get through this!