E-Cig Review: Kanger EVOD Mega Starter

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Kanger EVOD Mega - $28.90


The good This device boasts a 1900 mAh fixed battery that is good for 2 -3 days of normal vaping. The Evod Mega is similar to any regular EGO ecigarette in function but with a much longer battery life and larger capacity tank. It dwarfs cigalikes and ego cigarettes with its size.  It also has pass through charging so you can vape while plugged in to a power source. 

The bad / There are limited options available in terms of adjustability as this ecigarette is designed for newbie vapers that will own this personal vaporizer as their first device. There is no airflow control or voltage adjustment settings. 

The bottom line / This is an impressive kit to own for only $28.90. The Evod Mega is highly recommended to newbie vapers that are looking for a reliable device that will keep them of the stinkies without worrying about the complications of vaping. 

I am a bit jealous that new vapers today  can own the Evod Mega at this low price point as most of us didn't have this luxury when we started vaping many years ago. We'd shell out hundreds of dollars for less than ideal devices and set ups. This is a great gift to give your loved ones who are still addicted to smoking.

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The features are quite basic such as the 5 button-press on and off, 510 connection, glass tank, usb charging port, and 3.7 volt output. The strength of this device is its 1900 mAh battery and 2.5 ml capacity clearomizer. These features give the EVOD MEGA an impressively long battery life and less frequency between ejuice fill ups. 

The replaceable clearomizer coil head is rated at 1.5 ohm. The device is easy to maintain and works great for its intended purpose. 

Design and performance

This is a tube type mod with a massive battery that eliminates the need to charge your device daily. It looks like a premium device thanks to the tank with glass windows. With a diameter of 18.5 mm, it is easy to hold and its overall size gives an impression to other newbies that this is a step up device.


Size plays a big factor in portability. Smaller devices would naturally be more pocketable and easier to carry. But unlike big box mods, the EVOD MEGA still fits bigger jean pockets. 

Vapor production and quality 

The device fires the 1.5 ohm tank clearomizer at 3.7 volts  and produces average vapor clouds. The airflow is small to replicate the mouth to lung draw a vaper would take on a regular cigarette. This is how newbies would start vaping. 

Each draw is clean and flavorful thanks to the upgraded coil design that enhances the flavor of your ejuice. The EVOD MEGA is a newbie friendly and reliable device for their needs until they decide to upgrade to a personal vaporizer with more advanced features.

How to use the Kanger EVOD Mega starter kit 

1. We recommend fully charging your device before turning it on. 

2. Take the tank atomizer and remove the bottom piece and place 2 – 3 drops of e-liquid directly on the coil. This will prevent the coil from burning the dry wicking material on your first use. Do this every time you are changing your coils. Always prime it first or be sorry.  

3. Fill the tank up with e-juice up to the top on the chimney, and then screw in your atomizer to the tank. Do not over tighten, just finger tight. 

4. Press the fire button 5 times to turn on the unit.

5. Press and hold the fire button when you are taking a draw.

6.Enjoy it!

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