E-Cig Review: Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro - $68.95


The good If you want a long lasting battery that lasts for several days, then the Innokin iTaste MWP is for you. It has a non removable 4500 mAh battery in a rectangular box platform. It can even charge your gadgets and mobile devices through an included cable. It fires sub ohm atomizers and tanks down to 0.2 ohms and delivers a maximum output of 60 watts.

The bad / This device is a bit too bulky for small hands or small pockets. 

The bottom line / Some vapers may be turned off by the box shape and would prefer more round edges, but the box styled theme is the how Innokin designs its mods and will stay this way in the future. This is some serious hardware for any vaper and boasts an awesome battery life, bright screen, and can go up to 17.6 amps.  The device is well built and has a good reputation with vapers worldwide. 

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The MVP 3.0 has a long list of features that are up-to-date with current device technologies that are available today. Voltage and wattage controls, 6W to 60W output,  minimum atomizer resistance at 0.2 ohms, maximum voltage output at 9 volts, plus a led pulse light that indicates the current battery level.

The MVP Pro 3.0 can charge android devices through a micro usb port output at 1 amp. For iphones and other devices, there is a standard USB port for charging, just bring you own cable.

Design and performance 

Yes, it looks like a brick, but a colorful one at that. The Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro stays true to the box design and does a good job at it. The thumb falls naturally on the fire button on the side when holding the unit. The charging port has also been moved to the side so the device can stand up while charging. Using the device is comfortable as the edges on the box rests on the finger's creases and does not put pressure on the skin. 


As one of the main cons for this device, portability suffers with the size and weight of the device. It is not pocketable and you need to bring a small bag when carrying the device. It is more suitable to use at home or in the office and you are better off with a smaller device when travelling. 

Vapor production and quality 

You can pair this device with any atomizer that has a 510 connection. The MPV Pro 3.0 has a spring loaded connection that ensures a good fit with any atomizer. 

It will allow you to use your drip type atomizers or tank atomizers to their full potential depending on the ohm resistance and type of build you have installed. Open the airflow and put a 0.2 ohm coil and you will be vaping clouds without any limitations from the device. 

How to use the Innokin iTaste MVP pro

1. We recommend fully charging the device after unboxing it. 

2. Install your atomizer or tank on the spring loaded 510 connection. 

3. Click on the power button 3 times to turn on the unit.  

4. Adjust the wattage through the 2 buttons below the LED screen.

5. Press and hold the power button while taking a draw, adjust the power and atomizer airflow as needed. 

6. Enjoy It! 

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