E-Cig Review: VaporFi Vice Kit

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VaporFi Vice Starter Kit - $99


The good / We were head over heels when we reviewed the VaporFi EDGE and now we have fallen in love again with the VICE. This kit features a large 2200 mAh battery and a 2.5 ml capacity tank. The vapor production is awesome! 

The atomizer has 2 massive airflow channels for those big plumes of vapor. The kit comes with a 0.5 and 1.2 coil head that pairs perfectly with the power of the battery. As fans of sub-ohm vaping, we are super impressed how the VICE is able to automatically adjust power to the coils with just 1 button on the device.  

The badThere is no rebuildable deck for the tank. Purchasing disposable coils is more expensive in the long run compared to building your own coils. The battery is also non replaceable. 

The bottom line / A simple device like the VICE is always fun to use. Priced at $99.99, we have another winner from VaporFi in the intermediate segment. This is a complete kit that allows sub-ohm vaping up to 0.5 ohms. The power output, battery life and vapor production cannot be matched by the smaller ego type e-cigarettes. If you are looking a device to step up your game, this is it. 

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The Vice features a non removable 2200 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy a full day of regular vaping without the need to charge. A 0.5 sub-ohm coil inside the tank atomizer makes the VICE a legit sub-ohm device. The feature we like about the atomizer is that it has very large air holes that give it a very open draw. 

The battery and atomizer of the VICE is wrapped around by a stainless finish and is then topped off by a good looking wide-bore glass mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is a non conductor of heat and will protect your lips during your vaping session. 

Design and performance 

I was a bit nervous during the time I was opening the kit until I powered it on. I have been vaping my sub-ohm variable wattage device for a long time now and I was worried that I may get subpar performance on this new palm sized device. Boy was I wrong! 

It hit like a monster! I couldn't even tell the difference. 

The atomizer and battery combo performed flawlessly and the warmth of the vaper was just right. The device was doing a great job in controlling the power that was going to my coil. I tested this with my own atomizers and the results were identical. 

I did mention before that I prefer tube mods simply because they were easier to hold in my hands and slide into my pocket. Yes, my 2-18650 battery set up would last me 2 -3 days on a single charge, but it was bulky and looked like I was carrying a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. The charge on the VICE lasted me a full day so it is now my daily device at work. 

Vapor production and quality 

As mentioned before on our reviews, to make any device perform superbly on vapor production and quality, there are several factors to consider. You must have a strong battery, good airflow, and a capable atomizer for a continuous supply of e-juice. This relates to all Mod devices and atomizer combinations out there.

The VICE is a beast! Every draw gave me a satisfying kick as I filled my lungs with warm and delicious vapor. Sub-ohm devices give your e-juice a stronger flavor and the VICE sub ohm tank did a wonderful job at this. The glass mouthpiece looks great on the VICE and I now use it on my other atomizers as well. 

If you are a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, sub ohm vaping is the way to go. 

How to use The Vaporfi Vice starter kit

1. We recommend fully charging your battery before turning on the device. 

2. Take the tank atomizer and remove the bottom piece and place 2 – 3 drops of e-liquid directly on the coil. This will prevent the coil from burning the dry wicking material on your first use. Do this every time you are changing your coils. Always prime it first or be sorry.  

3. Fill the tank up with e-juice up to the top on the chimney, and then screw in your atomizer to the tank. Do not over tighten, just finger tight. 

4. Press the fire button 5 times to turn on the unit.

5. Take in your first draw and chose a bigger or smaller air hole size as needed. 

6. Enjoy it! 

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