E-Cig Review: Mig Cigs Standard Starter

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Mig Cigs Standard Starter Kit - $59.95


The good / The Mig Cig Starter Kit is a complete package for any beginner vaper and is ready to be used out of the box. It has an additional 110 mAh battery as a spare unit as well as a charger and 10 flavored cartridges. The ability of the battery to fire at 4.2 volts is just amazing for an e-cig of this size. Mig Cigs claims that they have the longest lasting power of any EGO style battery around.

The bad / The disposable cartridges may be more convenient to use but are more expensive to run in time.

The bottom line / The Mig Cig Starter Kit is priced fairly with this package. The 4.2 volt output power and longevity of the battery charge is an advantage against other EGO batteries. This is a small traditional looking e-cig that produces great taste and flavor when you vape.

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Design and performance

The Mig Cig's Starter Kit battery and cartomizer is designed to mimic a regular traditional cigarette. As there are hundreds upon hundreds of similar kits out there, Mig Cigs have set themselves apart with a higher voltage output for their batteries.

The kit includes 2 manual batteries and 5 cartridges that are designed to outlast the competition with its superior vapor production and long battery life.

Portability and discreetness

As designed, this device will not get you unwanted attention as you can easily blend in with a crowd. This unit will fit comfortably on your shirt pocket when not in use.

Vapor quality

The vapor coming from this kit is one of the best vapor you can get today with a small and portable setup like this. Instead of lowering the ohms on the cartomizer, Mig Cigs instead increased the voltage output of their battery to provide the user with plumes of tasty vapor on every draw. With the same draw, the Mig Cig kit will deliver a better amount of vapor.

How to use the Mig Cig's Standard Starter Kit

The package comes with 2 batteries with the first battery already charged and ready to use. Place the other battery on the usb charger while you are using the first battery.

Carefully remove one of the cartridges from its packaging and connect it with your battery. Simply press the fire button and inhale as you would on a normal cigarette and enjoy it! 

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