E-Cig review: Mig Cigs SR-72

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The good / Wow! This kits comes with 2 1300 mAh batteries with an aspire dual coil tank set up that will give you awesome clouds of vapor. The battery can last a day and a half and is regulated to continuously fire at 4.2 volts until the battery dies. The aspire tank is one of the best tanks you can get to date. Great job Mig Cigs for another excellent product.

The bad/ There is almost no negatives in this device with its exceptional battery and outstanding tank.  The disposable atomizers also last a long time and its convenient to use, although a rebuildable atomizer section will be cheaper in the long run.

The bottom line / The SR72 kit provides awesome vapor production and battery life in an EGO style setup. This kit is great for beginner and experienced vapers alike because it is simple to use and provides a satisfying experience. This kit is highly recommended as step up kit for those who are using smaller E-cigs because of the amount of juice it can carry and the a powerful battery. All this translates to a better overall vaping experience. 

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Design and performance

The Mig Cigs SR-72 is now 510 threaded and will now be able to accept the hundreds of atomizers available today. The battery sports a twist style variable voltage set up that allows the user to easily set the battery voltage depending on your preference.

The performance is great for an EGO style device with a dual coil tank atomizer up front. The combination will satisfy the needs of any vaper for big clouds of tasty flavors. A colored led light on the battery fire button will indicate when you need to charge.

Portability and discreetness

As an EGO device, this device will fit comfortably on your pocket and is not heavy to carry at all. The battery and tank is bigger in diameter but is still the same length as other devices.

Vapor quality

The SR 72 kit's vapor production is consistent and does not give any burnt or dry taste throughout the life of the dual coil atomizer. Users have been enjoying the warmth and taste of vapor this unit provides.

This kit covers the requirements for great vapor production, a strong battery that has a microprocessor to allow a steady voltage output and a tank atomizer that sports dual coils to accept the power of the battery.

Vapor production is a strong selling point of this unit and it will not disappoint anyone who has purchased this kit.

How to use the Mig Cigs SR-72 Starter Kit

We recommend that you fully charge the device on your first use. You need to prime your atomizer every time you install a fresh unit on your device. You can do this by placing 2 drops of e-juice on the atomizer coil and then taking a few draws without clicking on the file button. This will saturate the wicking material inside the atomizer and will prevent the burning of the cotton.

Fill the atomizer to the top of the chimney and re install the atomizer bottom part. Screw the tank atomizer on the unit and press on the fire quickly 5 times to turn on the unit and hold down when you are taking a draw.

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