E-Cig Review: Mig Cig Phantom X Kit

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Mig Cig Phantom X Kit - $119.95


The good / It is very common to see added features and more bells and whistles on intermediate kits as we go up the price ladder in vaporizers. These features can also be seen on more advanced vaporizer kits such LED screens and variable voltage. All of these features add to the reliability and overall performance but unfortunately, as well as the price tag.  I like the overall balance of the battery performance and the tank atomizer of the Phantom X, they are paired perfectly and suits the needs of a beginner and intermediate vaper. 

This ego style battery shows your ohm rating and battery level on the small screen near the bottom of the battery. The wattage can be adjusted up or down from 3 – 15 watts by simply twisting the battery's end. Technology has improved very fast with ego devices that they already feature variable wattage settings  and now I would even recommend newbie vapers to use the Phantom after their first cig alike kit.

The bad /  The Phantom X 1600 is priced at $120 and is packed with features that I need. There is great value at this price with a rock solid battery and Pyrex glass atomizer. I could only wish for the ability to do sub ohm vaping with this device.

The bottom line /  Power comes from a big 1600 mAh battery that will allow you to fire coils down to 1 ohm. A 2.5 ml tank features an adjustable air flow ring and a 1.8 ohm coil that gives a warm and tasty vapor even when fired at the 15 watt limit of the battery. Expect very good vapor production and long battery life with this device.

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The Phantom X tank atomizer is also labelled as “BVC” which means bottom vertical coil. This is rated at a 1.8 ohm resistance and perfectly matches the power output of 4.2 volts. It has a 510 connection where most atomizer connections today are based at. The tank is made from stainless steel with a Pyrex glass tank. Total capacity is at 2.8 ml. 

For a longer battery life between charges, we recommend using the stock 1.8 ohm coil that comes with the unit. Since the battery is not intended to fire anything below 1 ohm, we do not want to stress the battery with any ohm rating that is not intended for daily vaping. 

Design and performance 

The voltage output from the battery is from 3.2 – 4.8 volts which gives the user enough options to choose either a cool or warm vapor with a simple twist of the battery.This adjustment also improves vapor production and throat hit. 

The fire button is designed like a shield to complement the whole stainless look of the device. The atomizer Pyrex glass is covered with a stainless cover that gives you that extra confidence that it will survive the occasional bumps and falls.

Tubular devices like the Phantom X are easy to carry around and I had no issues carrying a bulky battery in my pocket. When I'm not using it, I just make sure that I rest the device upright or else it may roll and fall from my desk. 

Vapor production and quality 

The Phantom performs very well on vapor production thanks to its dual bottom vertical coils. Airflow is not restricted and it is comfortable to do straight lung inhales with this device. I enjoyed the quality of vapor on the Phantom X, as even small draws rewarded me with good sized clouds.  

With the addition of wattage adjustment settings, the user can adjust the vaping experience for a more vapor or flavor. Here's a simple tip, choose a small air hole to enhance flavor. As a trade off, a wider air hole will produce a bigger cloud but is not as flavourful  as a smaller air hole.

How to use the Mig Cig Phantom X kit  

1. We recommend fully charging your battery before turning on the device. 

2. Take the tank atomizer and remove the bottom piece and place 2 – 3 drops of e-liquid directly on the coil. This will prevent the coil from burning the dry wicking material on your first use. Do this every time you are changing your coils. Always prime it first or be sorry.  

3. Fill the tank up with e-juice up to the top on the chimney, and then screw in your atomizer to the tank. Do not over tighten, just finger tight. 

4. Press the fire button 5 times to turn on the unit. Hold the fire button while you are taking a draw. 

5. Adjust the wattage of air hole size as needed. 

6. Enjoy it! 

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