E-Cig Review: Halo Cigs G6 Kit

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Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit - $44.99


The good / HALO CIGS have been in the vaping business for a long time and they have products that they've kept in their line up till today. Why? Because these devices work great and is the top option for those aiming to stop smoking through the use of vaping. Their G6 e-cigarettes represent the top quality devices aimed for newbie vapers in the compact segment. 

The G6 is simple to use, easy to set up, and produces good vapor. There are tons of options available for battery colors, cartridges and flavors as well. 

The bad / There is nothing to complain about in this unit. It functions well for its intended use. 

The bottom line / I have always been a fan of the E-juice line up for HALO CIGS. The rich taste in their flavors could have been a factor for me to continue vaping and stop tobacco use. I would imagine that a lot of newbie vapers would be turned off if they had a bad tasting flavor or a sub-par unit. This is why we recommend the G6 as a starter kit because we know that they will enjoy a high quality device. 

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The G6 features a 65mm 180 mAh battery or a 78mm 280 mAh battery depending on your purchase. These are rated for 200 -300 puffs and fires around 3.7 volts. While newbies won't bother looking at the specs, it is good to note the G6 batteries are one of longest lasting in the compact e-cigarettes department. 

The cartridge come blank or prefilled and does a good job in giving out vapor. Blank cartridges allow the vaper to soak the wicking material with his preferred e-juice. They are matched perfectly to the battery output for longevity of use. 

Design and performance 

The G6 is designed to mimic a traditional cigarette in size and in looks. It only has 2 pieces, the battery and the cartridge.The whole concept allows the easy transition of the smoker to a familiar device that he can hold in his hand minus the tar and ashes. 

Many people have been tricked into buying disposable e-cigarettes from corner stores and gas stations which are very costly in the long run. The G6 is rechargeable and allows the cartridges to be refilled with e-liquid. The overall vaping experience is better with the G6 with its build quality and superior juice flavor.

A vaper can continue using this set up until he opts to upgrade to an e-cigarette with better performance, but meanwhile he can enjoy the benefits of having a smaller device. These benefits are set on simplicity and portability. Carry it on your shirt pocket with ease. They are so small that you might lose it if you are not careful.

Vapor production and quality 

Do not expect to blow big clouds of vapor from the G6. This is because the air holes on the atomizer are designed for a draw similar to that of an analog cigarette. We love how the taste of the vapor is accurate to how it is tagged on the bottle. There are limitations to the power and vapor a compact e –cigarette can deliver, so an upgrade is needed if you want a bigger battery or e-juice capacity.

The G6 is sure to satisfy the needs of a newbie vaper and this is where it matters. 

How to use the Halo G6 starter Kit 

1. We recommend fully charging your battery before turning on the device. 

2. Take one of pre filled cartridges and twist it on top of the battery. 

3. Draw slowly on the mouthpiece and exhale as you would on a traditional cigarette. 

4. Enjoy it! 

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