3 Best Quit Smoking Books

If you have failed to quit smoking “your own way” and you are looking to find out why you failed and how to start over again, we recommend that you get a copy of a self-help book that describes in detail everything there is to know about quitting.

People often read books to find inspiration, and this is true in this case too. A dose of that much-needed encouragement maybe all you need to succeed. Your desire to quit will be fueled by the motivation you are going to read on these books.

Sure, some articles and magazines include this topic once in a while, but having a book right now in your hands that are designed to cater to your specific needs is worth its weight in gold.

If you plan to quit because of the numerous health benefits and how it will improve the quality of your life, then these books are for you. If books are frightened of the outcome that tobacco smoking will do to your body, in the long run, these books are also for you too. In fact, any smoker will benefit from these books because it will influence you to make that decision.

We have prepared a list of books that have helped others like you in the past. The books we have here have been proven to help smokers quit the nasty habit and lead happy and healthy lives.

So take your pick and start reading.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking 

Allen Carr book

We start the list by one of the best books on quitting smoking today.

The author was an accountant who smoked for 33 long years. Mr. Allen Carr found a simple change in the thought process that kept him and millions of others from picking up another cigarette. He shares his discovery in this book.

Surprisingly, there are no statistics on strokes, lung cancer and heart attacks on this book. Instead, this book focuses on the fact the quitting is easy and how the author demystified smoking into its parts. The key is that you have to give yourself to the chance to make it work and admit that there is a problem.

Smokers that are unwilling to quit are afraid to open its pages. They will keep this book as a decoration on their shelf and never read it. That’s how powerful this book is! So if you are serious about quitting, this book is highly recommended.

You Can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers

You Can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers

Jacquelyn Rogers was a 2 pack/day smoker for 20 years. Although this book was published in 1997, it is still effective and is another valuable tool in our quest in quitting smoking.

According to statistics, this book has helped more than a million people stop the habit for good. She explains in detail her 4-week program that will help you shun the need for nicotine and become tobacco free. To be able to quit in a month is awesome!

This book offers yet another route to take when you plan to quit smoking. This is a welcome addition to the number of smoking cessation tools if you have already failed several times. The books give hope and encouragement in a very constructive manner.

For those who appreciate clarity in instructions and a well-laid plan on the quitting process, then this book is for you.

Quit Smoking Today by Paul McKenna

Quit Smoking Today by Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna is a hypnotist and a personal improvement author of many books aimed at helping people overcome issues with their lives such as smoking. It is good to note that this author was never a smoker.

He focuses on how our minds work and show techniques to augment and correct our behaviors that are not helpful to us. He explains that we automatically generalize a skill with a feeling or situation. Smokers usually associate smoking with stress. Physically, the smoker’s body then gets stressed because of smoking.

The book will help you by changing the way you react to stress and never to associate any emotional swings with smoking. As the author says, if you want to change your life, change your mind.