About Us


Hey there, and welcome to the movement- The Quit Smoking Movement! We are a growing online community and learning center for casual and chain smokers in search of inspiration, information and help in their efforts to quit smoking.

What Is the quit smoking movement?

The Quit Smoking Movement is a fast growing community of people that offer support and information for those trying to stop one of the hardest addictions in the history of humanity.

The site is comprised of challenges, articles, ideas, and inspiration from all over. Our Site is always growing and evolving into a more powerful tool for people looking to quit. We look at it as a movement, and we strongly feel like people have to truly believe in quitting in order to succeed. Thats why we named it the “Movement”.

Meet our team and who's behind the movement.

Mark and Don are both entrepreneurs who have worked closely with others that smoked heavily for years. One thing was in common with all of them. They all smoked heavily, but all wanted to quit. We watched as they tried patches, gum, you name it they tried it! Nothing worked. The only time we saw success was with one of our friends who started to do a lot of research on the dangers of smoking and that led him to Be inspired to actually quit. That's when we realized the potential for an online community based around this idea and began sketching some ideas for what it would cover.

Tobacco Facts

Tobacco takes the life from approximately 6 million people every year worldwide.

• 400,000 of those tobacco related deaths all happen in the United States alone.

• Of those 400,000 tobacco related deaths, 41,000 of them are non-smokers with heavy, long-term exposure to secondhand smoke 

• It's a habit very difficult to break that ends up killing half of its users, yet over 10% of the US population (33 million people) report smoking every single day. 

• Tobacco related illnesses cost up to $133 BILLION in healthcare costs every year.

It is no small problem. This is a global problem.

Our efforts and how we want to help

We all understand that this is going to be a very difficult thing to break completely and there will be many many smokers for many years to come. But we do believe that there is a big change happening in America and people are becoming a lot more health conscious and therefore open-minded to ideas and ultimately change. Our goal will never be to change everyone but even one persons life is worth everything and we will do our best try and save as many as we can. With that in mind we are putting all of her efforts to the quit smoking movement to give everyone around the world encouragement and advice to live a healthier life without this dangerous vice.

The website will be full inspirational articles, stories, examples, and challenges which will be informative and interactive in helping everyone with this great challenge.

We encourage everyone to participate in each article because everyone's thoughts will add vital ideas and inspiration that may trigger someone's decision to finally stop. We understand that quitting smoking is a very difficult task and that's why it cannot be done alone. People must feel like there's a support group out there that are sharing in the same difficulty and that are there to help.

Summing it up

To sum this up, we want to thank you all for visiting our site whether it was to read one article or hundred articles your participation is greatly appreciated. We hope you leave your comments and feedback so that we can improve the effectiveness of the site and once and for all Bring an end to the half that is being unleashed by Cigarette smoke.