7 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proven as the number one cause of cancer. Not only is the smoker at risk, but even those who are just considered second hand smokers.

From its health consequences, not to mention its economic impact, smoking has done more harm than good. Unfortunately, in the US alone, over 16 million individuals still smoke cigarettes. 

A lot of people find it hard to get rid of their habits. Smoking, once it becomes a habit, can be hard to get rid of. Usually, it takes a number of months, not to mention a number of withdrawal symptoms. 70% of smokers already want to quit, according to statistics. 80% of these smokers who want to quit fail to get rid of their smoking habit.

The reason why tobacco is addictive is because of the nicotine. Nicotine has eth ability of increase the dopamine in your body. It elicits pleasure able sensation, thus increasing the feeling of being rewarded. Tolerance to this effect can easily make the smoking habit a very problematic scenario. Here are seven ways on how you can get rid of smoking.

Use vaporizers and e-cigarettes

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are now popular due to the fact that they can be used not only to administer medical cannabis, but they also aid those who want to quit smoking. Ever read reports of people gaining weight after quitting smoking? It is due to the fact that smoking satisfies your oral fixation. Instead of food in lieu of cigarette smoking, you now have the vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

What’s the main difference between smoking and using vaporizers and e-cigarettes? Vaporizers release the active ingredients without combustion. It extracts the blends using low temperatures.

Vaporizers are known to appear in different sizes and shapes. The vaporizer could either be a hand held device, or it could also be the one that you have to plug in.

E-cigarettes on the other hand are sometimes reusable, while there are also those that are disposable. For e-cigarettes, you’ll load e-liquid which is usually a combination of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring and some traces of nicotine. Using this device, it helps get rid of other harmful substance in tobacco, without depriving your body of the nicotine.

There are mixed reviews when it comes to e-cigarettes. There are those experts who claim that health risks are still unknown at this point, given that e-cigarettes are relatively new.


In the last few years, cannabis has been gaining attention. After legalizing cannabis in parts of the US mainly in Colorado, people have been using cannabis for medical and recreational reasons. Now, how exactly does it help to get rid of your smoking habit?

According to a study, Cannabidiol (CBD), the same cannabinoid that normalized pediatric epilepsy, has the ability to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed by smokers. CBD, can help reduce salience of cues. CBD has the ability to reduce stress and could affect memory process called reconsolidation. It is through reconsolidation that the reward of smoking is reactivated even by just seeing someone smoking.

According to researchers, CBD has the ability to gradually remove the positive memories that have been related to smoking.

There are many methods on how you can have CBD in your system. You could choose to have edible cannabis, or even via vaporizers. But of course, before you even decide to try cannabis to quit smoking, you want to check with your cannabis laws.

Exercise often

Why not sign up on a gym if you are trying to quit smoking? Try different workouts such as yoga, cycling classes, or even dance classes? A great way to increase your success rate in quitting smoking is by performing exercises. Why does exercise make a huge difference to how you quit smoking?

Smoking usually appeals to those individuals who are stressed or those who are bored. You commonly see people take a minute or two to smoke because they are stressed from working. Exercise, on the other hand, does the complete opposite. It has the ability to reduce the stress that you feel, not to mention it increases your happy hormones. This can help you stay focused and motivated.

For those who are suffering from nicotine’s withdrawal symptoms, exercise can help lessen this effect. So how often and how hard should you perform exercises? You need to aim at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity for at least two to three times a week.

A simple exercise that you could perform is walking. A twenty minute walk a few minutes after dinner could make a huge difference.

Know the reasons why you have the urge to smoke

When do you usually have the urge to smoke? It is a common scenario that people start picking up their cigarette when they are stressed. If this is the case, why not determine the source of stress? Are you stressed because of work? If so, why not try to manage stress by sleeping early and managing your time well?

There are other reasons why people have the urge to smoke. It could be a habit that they’ve been doing for quite some time. Some people smoke for decades. What do you do to break this habit? It is a good idea to find alternatives which can be developed into a new habit. For instance, if you usually smoke right after lunch, why not take a walk instead? Or maybe, try to distract yourself with other things such as using your phone connecting online or listening to music?

To determine triggers, it is imperative to know the following

  • Time of the day
  • Things that you are doing when the craving started
  • Place where you are
  • Who you are with
  • Your current disposition (happy or stressed? Maybe bored?)
  • How intense was the craving?

Now that you have determined the potential triggers, it is imperative to defuse the situation. Changing your routine could already do magic. Routines are hard to eliminate abruptly. For instance, if you love smoking during coffee break, try to get tea instead of coffee to loosen the association between smoking and coffee. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t have to be drastic.

Stay away from people who carry cigarettes

Peer pressure or simply the presence of cigarettes could remind you of the pleasures of smoking. Trying to quit smoking can be a challenge if you are around smokers. If you are having coffee, why not just sit inside the coffee shop where you are not allowed to smoke? Or perhaps, spend some time with other people in your office who don’t go smoking while having their break? These simply steps will make a huge difference how you get rid of smoking.

Eliminate your cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other smoking accessories

Having a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, a lighter and other smoking accessories opens the probability that you’ll still be smoking. It is convenient to still pick-up some cigarette and smoke. And if you really want to smoke, why not start acting like a non-smoker?

If you feel that you are still craving, and you are having withdrawal symptoms, a common alternative is to chew gum. Mint can help alleviate craving which is mostly due to your oral fixation. And if the withdrawal symptoms are really that bad, why not try to eliminate the habit slowly? For instance, you could try to just smoke half a pack every day for the first week, before transitioning to fewer sticks the week after?

Reward yourself for not smoking

Similar to smoking becoming addicting, it is imperative that you have a rewarding experience in order to get rid of smoking. What drives people to smoke is the pleasure that they get from it. It could be the company of other people who you smoke with, or it could also be the dopamine rush that you get from the nicotine.

It is a good idea to reward yourself every week than every month. New clothes, shoes or even a massage are some of the things that can reinforce your attitude towards smoking.

 If you decide to quit smoking, it is imperative that you have the determination to push.  Given the low success rate of those who attempt to quit smoking, it is imperative to approach the situation smartly.

Keep in mind that quitting smoking shouldn’t always have to be abrupt. It could also be a process wherein you slowly kick the habit out one stick at a time.  Transforming the habit into something positive may take some time, and it could be difficult.

Finding the right approach may take a while. Keep in mind that there are times when you need a couple of attempts in order to be successful in your attempt to quit smoking.  While not everyone is successful, the difference between being a smoker and being a non-smoker should already inspire you. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to breathe, not to mention how young you’ll look without smoking.